Unknown functions of lemon

Most people think that lemons are just for eating or drinking as a lemonade but it is more than a simple food. It can be the most powerful detergent, deodorant or moisturizer if you use it in a correct way.

Suppose that you bought a vintage costume from and accidentally you spilled some wine on it. Don’t worry if you have a lemon in your refrigerator. Spread a half lemon on costume where the wine spilled and wash it as usual. After washing you will see that lemon is more than food.

What would you do if you see that your deodorant bottle is empty after a shower? You don’t have to go to market. Just halve a lemon and use it as roll on. Its effect against smell is as powerful as deodorant!

For dry feet, lemon is one of the most natural solution. Spill it under your feet, put it on your sole and wear socks on it. After waiting 30 minutes, you will see the miracle.

It is hard to save color of white clothes if you don’t use lemon. Boil the dirty white clothes in water with slices of lemon. Then, wash them as usual. To see difference, you can wash some other clothes without boiling before.

Finally, lemon is cure against inky spot on your hand. Mix slices of lemon and alcohol inside a bowl and spread on your hand with cotton. 100% Natural.

NOTE: Don't forget to use lemon as food.


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